It's A Celebration !!!
"It's A Celebration" is a group of West Boylston citizens that has the sole purpose of raising money and bringing back to
West Boylston the type of celebrations that used to take place.

To date, with your contributions, we lit the big tree on the common for the holiday season including to help pay for the
Christmas Trees that were also on the common.  Your contributions also helped pay for the speaker system at the
dedication of the new basketball and tennis courts, the bag piper, drummer and the sound system for the Memorial Day
Parade, as well as the Ceremonial Bugle used to play TAPS at the parades and can also be used at Military Funerals.

We have raised money through the banners that you see on the telephone poles in town, from the many businesses and
families making donations, holding meat raffles, etc.

The Veterans of West Boylston and the Town of West Boylston thank the
community funded It's A Celebration Committee for
providing the bag piper and drummer which enhanced our Memorial Day Celebration.

Periodically, check the EVENTS PAGE for upcoming events!

If you are interest in having a banner displayed in town, the cost is $400.00 for the 1st year and $300.00 to renew each year.
The year begins March 1st with the "FLAG" banner and changes after Thanksgiving to the "SEASONS GREETINGS" banner.
Tell us what you want on the banner.  You can send a check to:
It's a Celebration, PO Box 333, West Boylston,MA 01583.
thank you for your support !
Committee Members: Eddie Atchue, Stephen Lajeunesse, Kim Williams, Fran & Sharon Cahill
" Thanks for everything.
Love what your doing.
Erin & Andy Beardsley".